Saturday, November 22, 2008

Primos Chicago Pizza and Pasta Review

816 W Van Buren St
Chicago, IL 60607

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Short Review:
Friendly owner, good food and some great Tomato and Basil Pizza. Just go for lunch and thank yourself later.

Long Review: I decided to go to Primo's for lunch one day to check it out as I heard good things about it from others.

I walked into Primo's and right away this place has a very neighborhood feeling to it. I stepped up to the counter as their was no one their and took a look up at the chalkboard to see what I might be interested in.

"5 dollar Pizza Special with drink"

Sounds good to me, I got it knowing that it was a pretty good deal. I got the tomato and basil pizza. I stepped to the side and noticed the man behind the counter (the owner) was very friendly to the customers and seemed like a friend of regulars, or those who seemed like regulars.

I got my pizza and went to take my seat. The slice is enormous and it had to be cut up with a pizza slicer for me to eat it properly.

I bit into the a piece. It was some of the best pizzas I've had. The tomatoes are sweet and a little hint of tangy, the cheese is creamy and greasy.

I devoured the entire piece in about 10 minutes and was contemplating stealing the entire tray from under the heat lamp. It's that good.

I've been going back on a weekly basis for lunch and am exploring their menu of tasty lunch offerings. Go if you're in the area. Good service, good food, good prices and some great tomato and basil pizza.

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

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