Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Anteprima Review

Quick Review: With the tasty memories of Trattoria Trula still in my mind (I still can't wait to go back) we headed to Anteprima in Andersonvillefor my mother's birthday to do a comparison. It close behind Trattoria and has become one of my favorite Italian Restaurants. And not just because of the food.

Long Review: Trattoria Trulo is still my favorite Italian restaurant in Chicago, through AntePrima follows closely behind. We all arrived there for my mothers birthday at around 5:30 and they only had three tables open- Andersonville is becoming a restaurant hot spot but AntePrima has made a name for itself already.

The host was very nice and seated us quickly as the restaurant was nearly empty. We sat down and on the table was a bottle of water (not just any bottle but a bottle with a flueted opening with a blue gel/rubber cap) Very nicely presented and the bottle made the water look refreshing. And it was (I'm glad I didn't need to drink polluted Chicago tap water) It was nice to see AntePrima take the extra step.

Another extra step I enjoyed were the four Quiche Lorraines waiting for me on the table. Another inviting extra step.

Our waiter came over and was genial and pleasant as he explained the specials to us. He left us to mull over the menu. I decided to get the Veal meatballs for an appitizer and the Spagehtti with Anchovies for the main course. My mother went for the beat salad for an appitizer and Halibut with Fugami mushrooms for a main course.

The veal meatballs were smaller than I expected but still there were enough of them to be eaten as an appetizer. I was expecting three or four large meatballs to be placed in front of me similar in size to ones served at pasta houses- AntePrima is not a pasta house.

The restaurant started ti fill up quickly as we finished our appetizers, although this is Andersonvile.

Our main courses came out and my spaghetti was the best non-sauce spaghetti I've had. I had Watercress sprinkled on top, grated cheese, and of course anchovies tossed in. Although, I couldn't taste the anchovies that much maybe because they were thinly sliced or there weren't that many of them. The spaghetti was still very good, I nearly melted into my chair.

My mothers Halibut was a bit "too salty" for her taste. Maybe it's because she often doesn't put salt on her food. Everyone else enjoyed their dishes thoroughly.

The deserts were very good also, my Chocolate Hazelnut cake was a nice way to end a good meal.

The bathrooms were clean and designed in a similar theme as the restaurant, they felt as if you were in someones guest bathroom instead of a bathroom at a restaurant. The were no florescent lights buzzing above your head and the towels were refreshingly ample enough to dry you hands. (Go to AntePrima and you'll see what I mean)

The other great thing I like about AntePrima is the diversity of its patrons. There were young and old, couples on dates, families out for a special Sunday night and there was even a large tables of three families sitting all together. It reminded me of families sitting together at long tables in Italy.

The quality of the food is part of what makes a resturant but the experience is the other key factor. Both were great at AntePrima. A great restaurant for a special occasion or just about any occasion, I will be back.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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