Sunday, July 12, 2009

Costello Sandwich & Sides Review

2015 W Roscoe St
Chicago, IL 60618

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Short Review: Went to Roscoe Village to grab a nice lunch but left Costello's in a not so nice mood.

Long Review: Here's why

I walked into Costello's Sandwich Shop after walking up and down Roscoe Street figuring out where to go, it was getting late so I popped in. There were barely any people in the store... on a Saturday at 1:00... right after a Cubs Game let out.

Something shiny in the corner near the window caught my attention. It was a... tin foil robot? Hmmm... quirky.

Nonetheless, I was hungry anyway and decided to order a Turkey Club sandwich after mulling over the sandwich board for a minute. The man behind the counter rang me up-

"$7.50." He told me.

I thought I was heard him wrong and looked at the cash register, it displayed $7.50 also. G

God! that's a bit expensive for a sandwich I thought. I pulled out all my money- all of it meaning my wallet was empty when I handed over all my money to him. He asked if I wanted a drink.

No, just water. I don't think I want to be charged an extra two dollars for a Pepsi. "This better be a good sandwich." I thought.

I sat at one of the empty tables and flipped through The Onion trying to get my mind off of how much I paid for a turkey sandwich.

I took a bit after what seemed like an unusually long wait.

It arrived and it was a bit- bland. Something like what your would receive in a college cafeteria. There was more chopped lettuce on the sandwich than Turkey meat. And don''t Lay's Potato Chips only cost $1? 6.50 for a sandwich? That price is almost as bad as when I went to grab an $9 dollar burger from Busy Burger. I support local businesses and want to see them stick around the neighborhood but the price for this sandwich was $2 too much.

I was about to go out on the street and tell someone to call the police because I was robbed. I was even tempted to tell the other patrons who were now filling up the store to run while they still have their money.

Though, I didn't. I finished my sandwich and left a bit peeved I had emptied my wallet for a turkey sandwich I could make at home- at better quality.

2 out of 5 stars

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