Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mama Thai Review

52 W Roosevelt Rd
Lombard, IL 60148

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Short review: Stopped by Mama Thai today and had a good Thai meal with even better service. Though is is more important to have great food or great service?

Full Review: Wanting to try a different Thai place in the western burbs we stopped by Mama Thai.

The restaurant was pretty  empty considered it was nearly five thirty. We were seated quickly and while pondering over the menu the chatty server caught my attention. She was talking with other diners across the room ad seemed unusually gregarious (Sidebar: I know some servers outgoing to diners because they want to receive a large tip but something told me this was just part of her personality)

A very nice gentleman waited on us and periodically the woman would come around and chat with us. She was chatting up a storm with us and engaged the table well, while not bothering us. I almost felt like a guest in her home, which is always a good thing at any restaurant.

I ordered the duck and when it came out I noticed how small it was, the chatty server (who could have also been the owner or the manager) also mentioned how small it was. It was quite tasty as a dish and left me wanting more.

I also made sure to taste everyone else's dish and when I tasted my dining companions chicken dish, there small pieces of rib bones which took away from an otherwise good dish. Hopefully, this was just a rare occurrence.

Everything got better once I had the "sweet sticky rice." The owner/manager made sure to save us the last one and told us she would be doing so every time she came to the our table. That was one of the best Thai deserts I've had and would go back along just for that. Sure enough it was the last one as we were leaving the owner told another table they were out of it. Extra points for that.

Overall I would go back to if I am out this way as there is good food with genuine service.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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