Monday, September 1, 2008

Khan's BBQ Restaurant

2401 W Devon Ave
(Devon & Western Ave)
Chicago, IL 60659
(773) 338-2800

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Quick Review:
We headed out to Devon (or as I call the area “Little India”) for a restaurant we saw featured on ABC 7's the Hungry Hound. Sometimes I don’t trust media reviews of restaurants as they sometimes don't give the whole story. I was skeptical when I saw the local media praising a brand new restaurant (it usually takes a month or two to work out all the kinks) but it seems
Khan's BBQ Restaurant is off on the right foot.

Long Review:
I went with my defenses up and when I saw the neon sign above the entrance and no one in the restaurant at about 5:30pm. The food snob in me came out (or as some Fraiser viewers might call the Gil Chesterton in me came out) I even almost turned around and walked out, but it was too late I had been spotted by a host.

We were seated in a very clean and white room with TV’s playing Bollywood movies. The interior looked a little... well chintzy.

We ordered Naan as an appetizer and it came out quickly. Our waiter was friendly and hospitable. The naan was good and since I was hungry I was already thinking about the main course.

As I ate the Naan my defenses were lowered. I ordered the Lamp Sheck and my other dining companions order various kinds of Sheck such as Beef and Chicken. They came out at a reasonable time after the bread. The pacing of the food was about right.

The entrees were good, really good. Though, it was a little spicy for our taste so we asked for some yogurt. Our waiter was accommodating and came back soon with two bowls of yogurt.

I’ve never eaten Indian food that fast, it was very good and I was very hungry. Two combination's which made for a good meal. We left, happy, full and with leftovers.

I’ll be coming back when I’m out that way again.

4 out of 5 stars

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